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Products and Services

Landmark Canada was founded to serve the unique needs of the self-employed. The self-employed require innovative and creative services for themselves and their businesses. The middle to high risk self-employed have additional issues that need to be addressed and serviced by a company whose expertise and experiences lends itself to finding special solutions for this under served segment of Canada’s self-employed population. Landmark Canada, with its many years of experienced leadership, professionally serves this very special niche market – middle to high risk self-employed.

In developing products and services to fit this niche, we found other segments that are also under served in today’s market place. Even though the self-employed market place continues to grow 16% yearly, Landmark Canada is acquiring companies and/or developing successful marketing strategies in other arenas.

Landmark Canada Leadership

Landmark Canada leaders are always looking for better solutions. Over the years our leaders have formed strong business relationships with respected national firms to help bring ideas to fruition. These firms help maintain the integrity of the services that we continue to provide.

Landmark Canada Solutions

Landmark Canada is currently dedicated to providing the very best solutions for our clients. Over the past years our leaders enabled many thousands across Canada to maintain their businesses, trades, homes and successes.

Landmark Canada Commitment

Our long-term goal is to provide exceptional business solutions for our clients through our ability to design outstanding support services or find companies who currently have products that meet today and tomorrow’s needs.